Friday, December 25, 2009


We wish you a Merry Christmas

and a Happy New Year!
Adam, Kasey, Sarah and Ansley

Adios Noel

The time has come for Noel to go back to the North Pole. We said our goodbyes tonight and Santa will pick her up when he stops at our house. We had a wonderful time with her and look forward to her visit again next year!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Adventures of Noel - The Final Chapter

15th night - Noel left cookie cutters and supplies for the girls to make and decorate sugar cookies. She also made a special snow angel in the sugar.

16th night - We had been watching Christmas movies when we got a call from a neighbor saying that they saw Noel in the Barbie jeep cruising up and down the sidewalks. Apparently she had been out looking at the Christmas lights and got tangled up in a yard display. When we ran outside we saw that she had crashed into the steps and was completely tangled in lights.

Noel's 17th and last night with us she got into the wrapping paper and left a couple of gifts for the girls to open today.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Adventures of Noel - Part 4

12th night - Noel decided to get into some fun mischief last night and decorated the living room and tree with toilet paper. Apparently she got herself tangled up as she was decorating because we found her stuck to Adam's guitar.

13th night - I thought I heard someone rocking out in the middle of the night on Guitar Hero. Turns out it was Noel! To make up for all the commotion, she left a circus game for the girls.

14th night - Noel helped get together all our supplies to make cookies and decided to make her own snow angel in the sugar.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Adventures of Noel - Part 3

Yesterday we met Wendy, Gracen, Bibi and Papa at Lenox and Gracen's elf friend Holly brought Noel her first Christmas ornament. The girls loved starting this new tradition and we all hope that Noel will be a part of our family next year too!

This has been a really big week for Noel. She has done a lot of fun and exciting things around the house and the girls LOVE waking up each morning to see what Noel has gotten into. It's almost the same excitement as Christmas morning around here.

7th night - Noel was bouncing on the sofa cushions and ended up stuck in the Christmas tree.

8th night - Noel wanted a lollipop and realized rather quickly that our lollipop tree wasn't real so she brought the girls some real lollipops to enjoy.

9th night - Noel snuck out and decorated the van to look more like her friend Rudolph. We have officially named the van Rudolph 1 for the holidays!

10th night - Noel got into the markers and drew a picture of her home in the North Pole.

11th night - Noel and her friends decided to have movie night and watch their favorite Christmas movies. They had popcorn and Coke (ZERO of course) and left a new movie for the girls to watch. She said Rudolph was still their favorite movie!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Adventures of Noel - Part 2

4th night - Noel and her friends got into a little snowball marshmallow fight. The girls were excited to eat the snowballs!

5th night - Noel decided to play Webkinz with all the Webkinz friends in the house.

6th night - Noel and her friends decided to have game night.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Adventures of Noel- Part 1

This is what's been happening at our house since our elf friend Noel showed up from the North Pole.

Noel 1st night: She stayed up all night long reading Christmas stories and singing Away in a Manger with Grinchy and Rodney the Reindeer. She was so tired, when Sarah got home from school that afternoon we found her taking a nap in the blanket basket with Baby Jesus.

Noel's 2nd night: She had a peppermint tea and cracker party with her new friends. Looks like they had a wonderful time!

Noel's 3rd night: She put our gingerbread houses together and left icing and candy for us to decorate them with. She even built a special one for Sarah to finish decorating with stickers and glue.