Thursday, August 26, 2010

Hi there.....I'm sort of back :)

We've been MIA from the blog for a couple of months. Actually I feel like we've lost the last 3 months of our lives but I am hopeful that we are heading out of the fog and getting back on track to a "normal" life. I have definitely learned to live by faith daily and hope I've reached the expert level in this department. The most important things in life to me are my family, friends, and faith in God and even though walking it out may be tough, the end result will be WELL WORTH IT!

Both girls are in school and thriving, despite feeling at times like Holly (our van) is a RV. There is so much to catch up on but not having a computer to upload pictures to means it might be a little longer before I can chronicle everything here on the blog.

Sarah is taking baton and will be marching in the parade in a couple of weeks (that should be fun!), she is also looking forward to being a Daisy Scout with a troop from school. Between those activities and church choir, we stay very busy during the week which is good because it takes our minds off the fact that all of our belongings are in storage. BUT, despite all the trouble, we are very blessed and every day I thank God for this opportunity to lean on him fully.

I hope to share great news soon!