Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Artist in Training

My very proud little Artist
Tonight was the school Art Show. Everytime I walk into that school I am A*M*A*Z*E*D by the work the Art Teacher does with them. I have been in many schools over the years and never have I seen work like this produced by ALL the children. While I was there I tracked down the school Art Teacher and thanked her in person. I found out she is a professional artist who knows how to break things down into simple steps the children can understand. It was truly amazing to see all the beautiful work tonight. I was hoping to get some really good pictures from each grade but the girls kept running amuck so I had to snap pictures on the fly while trying to keep up with them. Enjoy the photos....the hydrangea paintings by the 3rd grade are TO DIE FOR!!

Sarah and her painting of purple grapes

Kindergarten Art - Red birds on a limb

3rd grade Art

in my best Rachel Zoe voice, " I literally D-I-E-D" when I saw these hydrangea paintings
by 3rd graders!!


3rd grade *favorite of the night* (besides Sarah's)

Artwork from 2nd grade

I think these were from 3rd too.
4th grade Art

I *think* these were from 4th graders
They were watercolor reflecting ponds with fish in them.