Thursday, June 24, 2010

Hottest swim meet E-V-E-R!!

Mema is in town so she was able to attend Sarah's swim meet with us today. It was hot as blazes and in usual fashion she was able to look good, even in the sweltering Georgia heat. Mom, why didn't I get that gene? ;) By the time it was over I looked like I had been through a car wash but it was well worth the 10 gallons of sweat because Sarah swam great and we were so proud to all be there together cheering her on.

Friday, June 11, 2010


WE WON!!!!

The swim meet last night was a huge victory for Sarah and the rest of her teammates.
There were many events that had to be changed at the last minute and all the kids stepped up and swam their little hearts out. Originally Sarah was only scheduled to swim in the 25 meter front and back stroke but they needed her to swim with the relay team so she jumped right in and acted as if this was a regular event for her. I was so proud of her and she helped her team win 2nd place.

Sarah with her 1st place ribbons for front and back stroke.
Also won 2nd place in 6 and under relay.
She is SO proud!
debuting her new haircut that she hopes will make her swim faster ;)
(it worked!!)
before warm ups

taking a break after the relay event

Fueling up before the backstroke event

(by the way, Sarah's backstroke was beautiful this week. I would have recorded it but I was too busy screaming for her to kick her feet and use big arms. I really think this may be her best event.)

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Swim Meet Success

The first ever swim meet was a success! Sarah was a bit nervous during warm ups because of the crowd and she was a bit hesitant right before it was her turn to race but she did it and we were all so proud!! She placed 3rd in the frontstroke and 4th in backstroke and by the end of her second run she was begging to race again. Papa came up for her swim meet and we were all so excited to have him here for her very first race!!!

Sarah and Lindsey before the meet

Papa and the girls

Sarah and some of her teamates sizing up the competition
Papa's first swim meet!! YAY PAPA!! :)
I had fun with you Dad, thanks for coming to help support Sarah!
With Coach David

The swim meet crew

(she was SO excited to have this written on her back!)


Getting a sugar injection before their last race
(our secret weapon) :)

Here is video of Sarah's first ever event. Unfortunately they started before my camera turned on so I didn't get a shot of her jumping off the blocks. She is the 4th lane from the left. The screen may look black but click on the play button and you should be able to view the video.


The Big Day - GO Easthampton Hurricanes

Today is the big day, Sarah's first swim meet!
We don't know much since this is our very first swim meet but I think it's safe to say that she will be swimming the front and back stroke and possibly be part of a relay team. They have been practicing their starts off the dive blocks and it's so funny because they will be in dive position and either belly flop or get into some crazy position before hitting the water.
Sarah swims very gracefully and doesn't like to make a splash so we're hoping she kicks it up a notch and shifts into high gear tonight. I told her to just pretend a shark is after her and to swim as fast as she can to the wall. Hopefully we won't ever have this scene play out in real life!