Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My Little Survivor

I've dubbed Ansley my little survivor because I feel confident that if she were ever in a situation (God forbid) like Home Alone, there would be no worries about her survival. She's constantly climbing up into the cabinets to get food and other goodies whenever she feels the notion and I know if she's not in a room with me then I need to check the kitchen! Last night she decided to play like a racoon again and climbed into the cabinet to get herself some oreos. Her plot was foiled when I busted her and following the tantrum of the century I thought I was brilliant in hiding the oreos under my bed. I should have known my little racoon would eventually find them! This afternoon we were all in the bedroom watching a show and I began to hear something rustling under the bed. We took a peek under the bed and this is what we found!

BUSTED again!