Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sarah's best trip ever (her words!)

Last week the girls and I took a trip to NC to visit Wendy and Gracen and we had the best time!! The girls were so excited to be there and it was really fun to see them all play so well together. We did lots of fun things but one of the highlights of our trip was that Gracen got a new pet hamster the day we arrived. 'Edie Treebranch' (Gracen name for the hamster) was the main attraction and it was quite the spectacle when 3 screaming girls alerted us that Edie had escaped one morning (fortunately we found her!) Between all the fun activities, the popcorn, the M&M's, Edie Treebranch, and Aunt Wendy's famous dessert basket we left with lots of good memories. We definitely had a fun filled weekend and we can't wait to all be together again!


Wendy Amerson said...

I love the one of Ansley and the "Pirate Booty"