Wednesday, July 22, 2009

What a relief!!

Moving day is fast approaching. I've been trying to pack things up around here but today has been almost pointless. Ansley hasn't felt very well so she has either cried or wanted me to hold her all day long. It's turned a 4 hour job into an 8 hour task. A lot of my stress has been wondering how we are going to run all our miscellaneous things over to the new house on Sunday AND be there for the cable guy, AND have the girls cooperate so we can get it done before the movers begin moving the big things and storage unit on Monday. STRESS, STRESS, STRESS!! Did I mention that the new owners want to begin moving their things in on Tuesday morning so this entire place has to be cleaned and carpets steamed by Monday night? Yeah.....STRESS!!! Well, fortunately my stress has just gone away (thank you Lord!) I just got off the phone with the real estate agent and he said he would meet me tomorrow morning and go ahead and give us the keys to start moving a few things in at our leisure this week (I'm doing my happy dance right now!) What a HUGE relief!! Now I feel like we can move all the misc. items over to the house and be rested and ready for the movers on Monday morning......WOO HOO!!!! Our new least for a year!!


Shalina said...

That looks JUST like the house we had in Spartanburg, SC! Good luck with the move!