Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Boosterthon Fun Run

Today was the finale of the school fundraiser and the anticipated Fun Run they have been building up to for two weeks now. Sarah has been SO excited about the run because they were all going to be wearing matching t-shirts, etc. She even woke up and got dressed extra fast this morning to show me she was ready for the run. Well........I don't know exactly what she had pictured in her mind but when it was actually time for her class to run through the wind tunnel with music and parents cheering them on, she went into meltdown mode. My first hint was when she held up the rest of the class by standing dead still in the tunnel and not wanting to exit. When she finally did emerge, she had her arms crossed around her chest and a huge frown on her face, indicating to everyone around her that she was not happy to be there. Adam and I almost died because everyone around her was cheering and so happy to be there. Sarah clearly was not! She protested and walked the entire time despite desperate attempts by both Adam and I to get her to cheer up, enjoy the moment, and have fun. It reminded me of the time in preschool when it was time for the christmas program and once she realized people were there to watch, she went into meltdown mode and never made it on the stage. I guess at least this time she got through it. Maybe by her senior year she will actually be smiling as she walks across the stage!
Not happy about the whole thing

Sarah WALKING during the jog-a-thon

Here is video I took of the very last lap......and of course Sarah is still walking. She doesn't start running until she gets her t-shirt marked and crosses the finish line....THEN SHE RUNS!