Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Rosie the hamster

Welcome Home Rosie

This past weekend in honor of Ansley's upcoming 3rd birthday, we caved and bought a hamster for the girls. I am still pinching myself each morning because I still cannot believe we consented to this. I have not actually held little Rosie yet which I know is hard to believe but hopefully I will get there soon. Fortunately I can just open the side of her cage and let her crawl into her ball on her own without having to actually hold her. Despite my lack of affection she really has it made. She will sleep all day long and right before bedtime the girls will play with her and give her treats. Then it's off to bed for the girls and Rosie has all night to play in her cage and stuff her little face. She has quite the life!

Rosie's little pink hamster habitat
(Wendy you can see I used a clip on the gate...thanks for the tip!)

Rosie who?
Sarah really just wants you to see her Strawberry Shortcake tatoo.

Rosie in her new home on top of the dryer.

This might have been her"help get me out of here" climb.
Hopefully she won't try to execute this plan during the night.

She loves exercising on her wheel

Ansley is definitely Rosie's number one fan. Hopefully she will survie!