Friday, June 11, 2010


WE WON!!!!

The swim meet last night was a huge victory for Sarah and the rest of her teammates.
There were many events that had to be changed at the last minute and all the kids stepped up and swam their little hearts out. Originally Sarah was only scheduled to swim in the 25 meter front and back stroke but they needed her to swim with the relay team so she jumped right in and acted as if this was a regular event for her. I was so proud of her and she helped her team win 2nd place.

Sarah with her 1st place ribbons for front and back stroke.
Also won 2nd place in 6 and under relay.
She is SO proud!
debuting her new haircut that she hopes will make her swim faster ;)
(it worked!!)
before warm ups

taking a break after the relay event

Fueling up before the backstroke event

(by the way, Sarah's backstroke was beautiful this week. I would have recorded it but I was too busy screaming for her to kick her feet and use big arms. I really think this may be her best event.)