Tuesday, December 9, 2008

It's starting to look a lot like Christmas

Well, we just got back from Florida so I have had to scramble to make our house look somewhat decorated for Christmas. All of our things are still packed up in storage and most all of my wreaths and Christmas decorations are buried somewhere in the back so I was beginning to worry about how I could make our home look festive without going out and buying new stuff. Fortunately I managed to find the small tree that was in the girls room last year and a handful of their ornaments. Paired with a few ornaments we picked up at Cracker Barrell on our way home, it looks like we have a nice little tree this year. Sarah said it was the perfect size for baby Jesus so I can't argue with that. Now if only I can keep Ansley from shaking everything off!


Wendy Amerson said...

Look how cute!

Sethsbackyard said...

Kasey the girls are just so precious! Wow, I think you tree is amazing. Seth was finally able to put up his Christmas tree one day before Christmas Eve... poor little pooh.

We had birthday cake for baby Jesus.