Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas!

This is totally not what I had in mind for my Christmas blog BUT here it is Dec. 31st and I still haven't gotten anything posted so I figured I better throw something out there. Christmas morning Ansley had a nasty virus and spent the day throwing up. Unfortunately I didn't get many pictures Christmas morning but despite her feeling sick, we had a pretty good day just sitting around doing nothing. Sarah spent the entire day playing with her new doll house and Ansley just wanted to be held. Fortunately for her the virus only lasted a couple of days but it ended up passing around to each one in the house. Other than a minor tummy ache from Sarah, everyone seems to be officially virus free today...YAY!! I hope everyone had a great Christmas!!

P.S. the picture of Adam and Ansley was taken Christmas Eve so that explains the smiles. Little did she know what the next 48 hours had in store for her!


Sethsbackyard said...

Hey, I am sorry for the virus attack~ bluck.
Great photos of the girls. Do you keep up photo's on FB too? So confused at this point.