Monday, November 2, 2009

The end to a L-O-N-G month

I am so glad to say this month is OVER!! It has been a very long and busy month for us. When I sat down to think about all that has happened this month I was amazed that we had so much going on...and we survived! I honestly think this has been our busiest month the entire year. We have had our share of parties, festivals, RAIN, sickness, happiness and sadness this month. October is usually one of my favorite months because there is always so much going on. Leaves are changing, weather gets cooler, I get to celebrate my birthday, and much more. This month has been a tough one though and as busy as we were, it seemed like this month would never end. The girls certainly enjoyed themselves with parties and festivals galore and even though it was a rainy Halloween night, they had a wonderful time going door to door collecting candy and are already planning for next year! ;)