Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Santa has arrived!


We were at Lenox the other day and as we were making our way through the mall we ran across Santa. He was sitting there watching all the little children misbehave in the mall when the girls caught sight of him. Sarah was actually not listening and running ahead of me when she suddenly came to a screeching halt. Their eyes had met and it's almost as if she was thinking....uh oh, he saw me not listening to mommy. She turned to look at me and had this uh oh grin on her was priceless. When he motioned for the girls to come see him I decided to go ahead and let them since there was no line. For Lenox mall, this is a rare sight. At first Ansley was hesitant but once the candy canes appeared it was a different story. Sarah got a few minutes alone with him and told him what she wanted then Ansley and I went and sat with them. We had about ten minutes of uninterupted Santa time (again....a rare thing at Lenox!) I was great to have a warm-up visit because our official Santa appointment is next week at Phipps and now they are excited and looking forward to seeing him again.