Thursday, January 28, 2010

Did this really just happen?

All this week school has let out at noon so I've had the wonderful pleasure of having both girls with me at home most of the day. This afternoon I was downstairs playing with Ansley while Sarah was (supposedly) upstairs watching Tom and Jerry in our room. No big deal...she does this alot and besides, she's my responsible, obedient child so why would I doubt she be up to anything else? About 30 minutes into our afternoon I went upstairs to check on something. Upon entering my room I saw this lovely sight. big deal....I just smiled and told her to be sure and put all her dolls and blankets back in her room when she's finished watching her show. It wasn't until I walked past Adam's closet that my heart stopped. I literally thought either someone had stolen all his clothes or else he had packed up and left us for some carribean getaway. When my mouth dropped to the floor Sarah said "Surprise Mom, we're switching rooms!"

Adam's closet which WAS packed to the gills!
I thought it was a cruel joke until I opened her door and saw this!!! All of Adam's clothes had been taken from his closet and thrown on her bed and on the floor. Prior to her "move" their room had been spotless in preparation for Grandma Bittner's visit this weekend.

I then rounded the corner and saw where she had set up shop for me as well with my makeup bag, my lotion and brush, my jewelry boxes and hats.

I told her all good things must come to an end and semi-calmly told her to get everything back to the way it was NOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!! She is upstairs working as we speak and I'm trying my best to stay calm. I figured blogging would help me de-stress a little....let's hope it works!