Monday, January 4, 2010

A new year, a more fashion conscious child

Sarah Elizabeth....5 going on 15

At the beginning of every new year I always notice a shift with kids. I used to notice it alot when I taught but now I'm beginning to see it in my own kids. It makes no sense really but for some reason the two weeks off at Christmas time always seems to be a growth point (maturity wise) for kids. I'm noticing it in both of mine right now. They are both getting closer to turning a year older and Sarah especially has become more fashion conscious. I will notice she wants to pick out what she wears each day (Jesus help me) and wants to have a voice when I'm picking out her clothes at the store. For instance, she wanted a pair of Chuck Taylor hi-top sneakers this year for Christmas. When she wears these shoes she thinks she is just the coolest of the cool, the baddest of the bad. On the debut of her wearing her new shoes she wanted me to take a picture and she totally jumped into model mode posing for the camera while I snapped away. At one point I guess she was afraid I wasn't getting the highlight of the shot, which was her shoes, so she stuck her foot up in the air to make sure they got in the shot : ) If only you could all have been here for the modeling session.....what a day!

her best...."get the profile of my shoes" shot

here she is lifting her foot to make SURE they are in the shot :)
(Makes me want to scream HA-YAH like the Karate Kid)

Here she is giving her best "I'm a GAP kid model" pose


Wendy Amerson said...

how is she old enough to wear chucks? Too cute and you are in TROUBLE!!