Thursday, May 14, 2009

A night of beauty

Oh Lord, where do I begin with this? Ever have one of those moments when you know the house is too quiet? In our house that type of silence means that the girls must be up to something. Lately they have become a team and are playing very well together which I love, but it also means they can get into way more than they ever thought of getting into alone. Tonight Ansley was the lucky winner of the Sarah Bittner make-over contest. She has a full treatment of leave in hair conditioner along with being stylishly decorated with all the barrettes and hair clips they could find before being busted by mom. I coudn't help but laugh because Ansley is the QUEEN of BLING and she loved every minute of this make-over. As I am typing this, daddy is completing the makeover by painting both girls fingernails a lovely combination of hot pink and light blue. Maybe they will be the future owners of a high end salon, what do you think? :-)


Shalina said...

I LOVE the hair. That is a sweet "do". Tell Sarah she did an awesome job with the "makeover"