Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Potty Training

I have decided that since we are stuck at home for the week we may as well pick up our potty training again. This is already proving to be quite different from Sarah who potty trained completely in three days. I'm finding that Ansley will hold onto everything until after we get off of the potty. She doesn't seem afraid of it at all so I think it's more of a control issue with her. I've found that any type of underwear gives her permission to just wet her pants so we're on day 2 of no clothes but as of now.....still no luck. Any tips?


Shalina said...

No tips because Kevin pretty much potty trained himself. And Anna refused to potty train when I wanted her to, (drove me crazy) so I waited patiently and she did it when she was ready. I think we had one accident after she was wearing big girl panties. She was almost three when we finally moved out of pull ups.
I'm just here to wish you good luck! :)