Monday, May 18, 2009

We are officially tonsil free now!

Well, we made it through! Everything went very smoothly at the surgery center and I am very encouraged with Sarah's recovery so far. I had not expected her to do anything other than take liquids today but as soon as we got home she asked for some pudding. It went down rather easily and now 2 puddings, 3 popsicles, 1 jello, and 2 bowls of ice cream later.....we are still going strong! She was even a couple of seconds away from jumping on the bed with Ansley until I reminded her that the doctor wanted her to take it easy for a couple of days so her throat could heal. Right now we are kicked back in the bed watching all her favorite movies and relaxing. I am very excited and so thankful for everyone who prayed for us. I KNOW it has made all the difference in her procedure and recovery so far. As you can see by the picture below....she's a pretty happy camper right now!


Wendy Amerson said...

I am so happy she is doing great... Tell her Aunt Wen loves her!