Sunday, August 9, 2009

All moved in

Well, we are officially moved in! I guess the move went as smooth as one could ever go but it was still a very stressful day. The girls (and I) thought we would vamoose and hit Chuck E. Cheese for the day but plans changed and Adam needed me to be here to direct the movers. As you can imagine, ALL DAY LONG I was asked the question.."When can we do something FUN?" Finally the movers left around 5 so I abandoned my post and took the girls to the neighborhood pool for a little while. While there is still much unpacking and organizing to be done, I can say that I am very happy to be here and we are all enjoying the new house and neighborhood!

I have to include this video clip because it SO summed up the entire moving experience for Sarah. For the adults it was a stressful day trying to figure out where everything went but for a 5 year old the day was very boring and carefree. Sarah spent most of her time riding around on her bicycle while everyone else was working. be 5 years old on moving day would be a dream come true!