Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Missing Sarah.....

What a sad little face.......This is pretty much how Ansley feels now that Sarah has gone back to school. A little lost maybe without having her big sister to play and argue with? It's interesting for me to see how the tides have suddenly changed. Before school started Sarah had no influence whatsoever over her but this week I've noticed that she is totally putty in Sarah's hands. I will hear conversations like this....

S: Ansley, wanna go get sissy's flip flops?
A: Yeah
S: Ansley, will you go get my crayons?
A: Yeah
S: Ansley, wanna jump off the couch? (knowing this is against the rules!)
A: Yeah
S: Ansley, can I have your goldfish?
A: ok

The most amazing part is that Ansley would have never done any of these things before. If anything, she would know what Sarah was going for then race to get it first and claim it for her own. She was always the one who most of the time got HER way on everything because Sarah was such a push over. Now I'm sure after about another week the sadness will go away and she will come to enjoy having everything all to herself but secretly, it warms my heart to know that there really is a great love between the two.