Sunday, August 9, 2009

Twas the Night Before Kindergarten

.........and all through the house, my child was stirring like a hyper little mouse. Her new clothes were laid on the dresser with care, in hopes that 8 am soon would be here.

So, tomorrow is the BIG day. Lots of changes are awaiting us. Are we ready? I think so. Sarah has been really excited but as she went to bed she told me she might cry a little because she is going to miss me. I assured her that everything was going to be okay and she would have a great day tomorrow and after supper we would have our special first day of school surprise dessert.

Another big change is that Sarah will be riding the bus tomorrow. Now normally I wouldn't DARE put my baby on the bus (only because I hear nothing but horror stories about the bus) BUT our new neighborhood has a stellar bus reputation and enough mothers with small children have convinced me that all will be fine. Apparently the entire neighborhood rides the bus so she will literally be picked up at the corner and driven straight to school all within 10 minutes. In fact there are so many neighborhood kids that ride the bus, they have to pick up a load, drop them off, then return for the second round. That's alot of kids!

We are excited about her teacher too. We have heard nothing but great things about her so I think this is going to be a really great year. I will post an update tomorrow but in the mean time, I found these pictures of Sarah on her first days of Preschool and Pre-K. Where does the time go?

Sarah's 1st day of Pre-K
Sarah's 1st day of Pre-school


Shalina said...

Good luck to both of you! That first day of Kindergarten can be a hard one...for the mommies!