Monday, August 10, 2009

Today is the Day!

Sarah is officially a kindergartener now.......woo hoo!! The morning went very smoothly and even though we woke up an hour before the bus arrived, it still felt like there would be no time for error in the future. Sarah was very excited this morning and didn't seem really nervous until we were at the bus stop but she played it off quite well. Once the bus got there she got in line with the rest of the kids (there were at least 20 at her stop alone) and boarded the bus like she was a pro. We were so very proud of her and look forward to hearing all about her very first day in Kindergarten!

Sarah on her big day

Daddy and his girls

I can't believe my baby is in kindergarten!

Ready for the bus

I think she may have a been a little nervous here but she didn't back out

Off she goes!