Friday, December 10, 2010

Adventures of Joy and Noel: Part 3

Night 7: Tonight Joy and Noel teamed up with Scooby and the gang to help locate my missing keys. As usual, they solved the mystery of the missing keys and as they were celebrating with a Scooby snack, Noel got stuck in the box. Shaggy, Velma and Daphne were attempting to rescue Noel when we found them in the morning. Scooby of course was only focused on the snacks!

Night 8: Tonight the elves and friends helped deliver Adam's car. The girls woke up and couldn't find Joy and Noel anywhere. Before heading out for the bus Sarah discovered a note they left with Jingles the reindeer. It said for Daddy to look outside for a big surprise. Boy were we ever surprised!! How did they know how to drive? (Sarah's theory: they all rode to the car place on Rudolph and Clarice then one elf drove while the other pushed the gas pedal. WORKS FOR ME!! ;-)

Night 9: I am finding that these elves can be a big help around here when they want to. I am the cookie mom for Sarah's Daisy Scout Troop and last night I was working on my cookie packets. It was getting late and I was so tired, I left my mess all over the dining room table and went to bed. When we woke up this morning Noel and Joy had completely organized my cookie packets for me. They also left a note to PLEASE send a case of thin mints to them at the North Pole.