Monday, December 13, 2010

Adventures of Joy and Noel: Part 3

Things have really been hopping around here this month. Each morning the girls can't wait to wake up and find out what adventures the elves had while everyone was sleeping. It can be very exhausting for Adam and I having to wake up so early every morning but the smiles on their faces and the memories that are being made are absolutely PRICELESS! I wouldn't trade this time in their lives for anything in the world.

Night 7: Tonight the elves went to Who-ville with Grinchy and brought home his dog Max. They also brought us all a pair of Grinch socks! The girls are so excited to have Max here with us!!

Night 8: Last night Joy and Noel had movie night with Max and Jingles. When we woke up they were watching Shrek the Halls. They also brought us a new movie, ELF (How appropriate!)

Night 9: The elves decided to do a little 'gold-fishing' last night while we were all sleeping. Looks like they caught quite the catch!