Thursday, December 23, 2010

Adventures of Joy and Noel: Part 5

More Elfcapades from Noel and Joy:

This morning we woke up and the temperature was 12 degrees. Needless to say no one wanted to get out of bed but when we went downstairs, Joy and Noel had prepared us some hot cocoa. Their elf friends Holly and Merry in North Carolina sent them elf mugs so they shared some hot cocoa and cookies with us.

The elves decided to take a ride on Rudolph and Clarice. They brought the girls back some Rudolph and Clarice crazy pens to clip on their backpacks.

Boy this night the elves got a little silly. They stacked all of my sofa cusions and pillows on top of each other. Once they had made a tower, they took all the presents out from under the tree and had started stacking those on top. Silly elves!!