Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Our North Pole visitors have ARRIVED!

Welcome Noel, Joy and Jingles the Reindeer
This afternoon when we got home from the bus stop we discoverd that our elves had arrived! Noel came back this year and brought her elf friend Joy and a reindeer named Jingles. The girls were SO excited. Sarah actually discovered they were here and soon the house was filled with very loud squeals. Ansley won that contest HANDS DOWN!!! She could actually give Mariah Carey a run for her money :) We figured they must have come while we were at the bus stop because they definitely weren't here before. They also brought us a magnet for our car and some delicious peppermint kisses. Sarah said she just saw like 18 wrappers in the garbage can. Those funny little elves, they must have gotten hungry while waiting for us. Trust me, there was no where near 18 wrappers...more like maybe 8 ;) We are so excited they are here and looking forward to an exciting month with them!

a new magnet for our van 'Holly'

Peppermint kisses, and they each brought their own drinking cup

Noel on Jingles the Reindeer

Ansley's new elf friend Joy

Discovery of the elves

The looks on their faces is absolutely PRICELESS. I am so excited that the elves are back this year. I think we've all been on the countdown since last Christmas morning. We had so much fun with them last year and the girls have both been eagerly waiting for them to arrive this year. Let the season officially BEGIN!!!