Wednesday, October 22, 2008

7 may not know about me.

I've been tagged so I must answer.
Here we go...random,weird, and wacky facts about Moi that you may not know.

1. I met John McCain at a book signing in Atlanta back in 2000. He was very nice and took a picture with me. Unfortunately I don't have it to post since it's packed up in storage with the rest of my life!

2. I have no wisdom teeth....and never had any to begin with. In college a friend of mine had her's taken out and she got what she called dry sockets?? I remember hearing how awful the pain was and I was petrified of having mine removed. When I went to my dentist, he showed me my x-rays and there were none to be found anywhere. I was so excited....YAY!!

3. I don't like the taste of coffee. I know that's really rare to find someone who can't drink a normal cup of coffee but I can't. To me the taste of coffee is horrible and actually none of my siblings drink coffee either (I'm one of 5.) I don't know what to attribute this dislike to other than the fact that my mom drank the stuff 24/7 when we were growing up and we never liked the smell of coffee breath (sorry know I love you though!) Now, let me say what I CAN drink. I CAN drink a Starbucks with 9 parts milk, syrup, and yummy stuff and 1 part coffee. Because of this, Starbucks gets a lot of business from me even though I could really care less for the actual stuff they are famous for!!

4. When I was 3 I ran away from home. No, it wasn't because my home life was awful, I did it because we didn't have a swimming pool and my neighbors did. All I remember is packing my things (which must have been my suit and swim bubble) and my family waving goodbye to me. I remember being a little shocked that they were letting me go but I guess I got over it because the next thing I remember my mom was at the neighbors picking me up to take me back home (I was of course in the pool at this time!)

5. I am related to a former president of the United States. He wasn't a very good one so I normally don't announce this but had to come up with something to write that few people know about me. Oh, he was #15 James Buchanan.

6. I've met 3 different state governors while they were still in office
Florida - Bob Graham
Georgia - Zell Miller
Vermont - Jim Douglas

7. I've visited a Body Farm in Knoxville, TN. Yes, I said BODY in a place where they study dead bodies. I was a criminal justice major to begin with in college and our Forensics professor took us on a field trip to this place where they study decomposition of bodies. They were all unclaimed bodies from the morgue and they would study how different fibers and things decomposed under certain conditions (left outside, hidden under leaves, exposed to animals, left in cars, etc.) Our professor actually called us over to the back of a car and had a wild laugh (and shared the video with many classes after that) when he popped open the trunk to reveal what looked to us like the Michelin Man and smelled even worse.
Fortunately my best friend Wendy was along for the ride so we share this same weird memory. It was horrible and gross and the smell was ungodly but I WILL NEVER FORGET IT as long as I live!!

There you have it! In all fairness to the game, I don't really know 7 other people that have blogs (other than the people who tagged me) so I will email this out instead!


Shalina said...

Wendy told me that story of the Body Farm and I just gagged hearing about it, I couldn't image actually seeing OR smelling it. Blech!

Wendy Amerson said...

yea... it took me days to get iot out of my nose

Sethsbackyard said...

No you didn't ~ Seriously you never cease to amaze me... From fronesic to teacher. Mmm, well in some weird sense (Wheeler sense) it doesn't seem such a strecth... lol