Monday, October 20, 2008

Cooking Mama

Recently Sarah has had a strong desire to help out in the kitchen. I can only attribute this desire to her new game Cooking Mama:Cook off that daddy got for her to play on the wii. Normally the only games we let her play are tennis and bowling but I have to admit that she and I have had a lot of fun playing Cooking Mama together and cooking up all the different recipes. When she sees me cooking dinner she is always wanting to cut, chop, dice, stir, measure, or swirl the pan like cooking mama. The other night we made baked terriyaki salmon (she poured the glaze), brown rice (she punched the buttons on the microwave), green beans(she washed and put them in the pot) , and Scooby Doo macaroni and cheese (she pretty much did it all on this one.) Upon hearing of Sarah's new love of cooking, our friend Ms. Nancy from Florida surprised us and made Sarah two little aprons to wear in the kitchen. While Ms. Nancy was visiting us last night, she and Sarah made a batch of delicious brownies for fdessert and Sarah wore her new apron. Now our little Cooking Mama is official! Rachel out!!


Shalina said...

We know ALL about that. Anna LOVES to help cook. Now, she doesn't like to eat most of what I cook but the helping part is her favorite.