Thursday, October 30, 2008

Our Happy Pumpkin

Pumpkin carving 101

Our happy pumpkin 2008

Ansley after we told her not to touch the pumpkin

She didn't listen

Our very first "happy" pumpkin

This year Sarah's class carved a pumpkin at school so she was excited to get home and carve one herself. You see, at school they took a vote on what kind of face to put on the pumpkin. Out of 20 students, Sarah was the only one who wanted to make the pumpkin happy. Everyone else wanted to make him spooky and scary. She must have talked about this for 15 min. straight when she got home from school yesterday so obviously it bothered her that no one wanted a happy pumpkin! I told her that I was a fan of happy pumpkins too and showed her an old photo of our first happy pumpkin. This year she wasn't into the gooey part but once we got it carved and lit, she was very happy. Unfortunately, Ansley missed all the action because she was sleeping but she was able to participate in seeing our little pumpkin all lit up. I think she was the most excited out of everyone because all she did was squeal and point at our little pumpkin friend. This was definiely a fun year for pumpkin carving!