Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Hair Diva

Ansley Von Tussle - Miss Hairspray 2008

Before Sarah left for school this morning, she put her stretchy headband in Ansley's hair (much to my surprise, Ansley actually allowed her to do this.) As the morning went on, I noticed that Ansley still had the headband on. Again, totally shocked because lately she will leave a barette or bow in for about 10 seconds before ripping it out and throwing it to the ground. She doesn't like her hair messed with! All of a sudden, I heard shrieks and screams coming from the girls bedroom. As I ran to check on her I saw her in the floor kicking and screaming with her hands running wildly through her hair. Apparently the headband had slipped out while she was playing and she became very frustrated when she couldn't get it back around her head. When I came over to help her she held the headband out and started saying "hep-hep-hep". I put the headband back in her hair and it was like she won the milk lottery! She began laughing and smiling and gently touching her hair to make sure the headband was back in place. Then she went on about her way playing. It suddenly hit baby is growing up!!


Weezie said...

They are beautiful and getting so big!!!!!!!!!!!